Sunday, June 22, 2014

The decluttering continues...

 Someone told me recently that they thought that my Pinterest boards had gotten a little out of hand.

I disagree. For me, Pinterest is no different than ripping pages from magazines or newspapers and either pinning them onto an 'actual' pinboard or making a folder of favourite things. This is something I have done all of my life.

Recently, in my never ending quest to declutter, I came across a box (high in the cupboard) labelled: kids clothes. I knew for certain, that the contents of the box were definitely not kids clothes. I left the box in the hallway for a few days, unsure if I should open it. What could be in there? What would I do with it? It is not like me to mislabel something.

Nothing could have prepared me for what I found - the covers of nearly all of my school books and folders from High School - WHAT?! I had no idea I had saved them and shuddered when I thought of all the times that I had moved this box from house to house. What for?

This incidentally, brings me back to a quick point on decluttering. After reading many books and blogs on the subject I have been able to identify our clutter: Memory Clutter and Just In Case Clutter. This has been an amazing revelation and has made my decluttering so much easier. Also I have found that repeating the catch phase "Would I take this if I was moving?" Has been invaluable. The boxes for the thrift shop have been filling up fast.

There is no reason to keep something so useless, that is taking up valuable cupboard space.

The folders go!

But wait... I do love a good trip down memory lane... so I am grateful for the 'space saving' Internet and will share some of the folder covers here - with you.

 You see, I have always been very fond of cut and paste.

I'll post up some more photos soon.


  1. I was searching for something *completely different* and landed on your scrapbook page. OMG! I used to LOVE those Jayson Brunsdon illos from Dolly. And Alex Papps (spunk!).
    Haha! Thanks for sharing :)



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