Monday, December 16, 2013

A golden hour

These photos were taken on our recent (October) holiday to Orange. 

Mr Moo and I spend a lovely afternoon in Cook Park with our kids and their cousins. It was the last hour of the day, just before sunset... some people call it the 'golden hour', some people call it the 'magic hour'. It certainly was both golden and magical, 
as I watched the children run about with pure unhurried joy. 

Laughing, exploring, collecting, climbing, smelling, skipping, dancing,
giggling, singing, posing, chatting.

Cook Park is a special place to me. The air was crisp, the light was dappled, the earth smelt damp. I am sure that the fairies were hidden within the blooms on that wonderful afternoon.  

Some of my favourite photos from our trip are amongst these pictures.


  1. The light is gorgeous - great photos!

  2. Cook Park is my favourite. I miss going for an evening walk and seeing the ducklings in the pond.
    Beautiful photos. x

  3. Lovely pics, sounds like a fantastic
    place to be.
    Cheers, Anita.



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