Friday, October 28, 2011

Day Twenty Eight: No excuses

I'm sorry that I haven't posted for the last two days. There are no excuses.

My spring cleaning has lead me to the most dreaded room in our house - our office/craft room.

My fabric stash has been overdue for a clean out for a while now. I haven't been able to fit any new fabric into the designated fabric cupboard for over six months. A simple solution would be to stop buying. Yes! Easier said than done. Instead I have sorted and sorted and sorted over the last two days. I have filled two large boxes with fabric that has either been thrifted or given to me. Fabric that I may never use, synthetics and wild patterns, that could come in useful for costumes or handmade softies. So two boxes have gone to the garage to be stored. Just in case.

I have three boxes lined up in the hallway. One, a small box of fabric that I could use to make Spunky Monkey some pj pants. A larger box filled with lots of pinks floral offcuts for Miss Moo Moo. Most of them with just enough fabric to make some lazy day skirts, summer dresses or nighties. And a huge box, huge! filled with fabric for me. Quirky thrifted fabrics that I love or lengths of fabric (thrifted or bought at half price sales) that could be turned into summer dresses. What is the point of piles and piles of fabric lost in my fabric stash, when I could turn it into my much needed new summer wardrobe.

Oh my, what I mess I had. No wonder I had lost my crafting mojo. Now my fabric cupboard is filled only with fabrics that I love, love, love. Mainly vintage. It's so organised, I can't stop looking at it. I have also spent my time colour coordinating buttons, ribbons and trims. Embroidery threads (also colour coordinated) and hoops have a new home and I have finally found my tape measure. I have made a fairly ambitious list of things I want to make/craft now that I actually know where to find things.

So I am 90 percent finished with my fabrics. However today I will move on the the paper problem in this room. Piles of paper are on every surface: floor, desk, shelves and cupboards.

Recipes, filing, children's art work, recipes, library books, print outs of craft projects, recipes, to do lists, to do lists from 3 weeks ago, recipes, board games, cardboard for craft, unopened mail, papers to scan, photos, and recipes. I also have two big boxes of books on the floor, either thrifted or given to us that are looking for a new home somewhere in our home.

Wish me luck I might not see the light of day .... for days!

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  1. I LOVE a good tidy out and it sounds like you have done really well. Is that your material cupboard?? *drooling* a little pea green with envy here, a) that you ahve the space for it and b) all that gorgeous fabric!

  2. I wondered what happened to you! If you have any fabrics you don't want, you know where to send them....Now that I sew! :) XO

  3. I always find that sorting and organising fabrics brings back a lost crafting mojo! Have fun with it.



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